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Storm. Bishop. Rogue. Thunderbird. Sage. They are Mutants, born with powers that forever set them apart from Humanity. They are Outcasts, embarking on an odyssey that will forever set them apart from home and friends and family. They are Heroes tasked with the ultimate quest: to unlock the future history of our world. Their adversaries, many. Their dangers, great. Extreme challenge demands -- X-Treme X-Men



X-Treme X-Men


The Index is in the form of the Official Marvel Indexes. They contain the title then the credits. Characters that appear in each issue are listed with their last and next appearances listed (unless the next appearance is in the same comic).

Feature Characters are the X-Men that star in that comic. Guest Stars are characters that usually appear in other books and play an important role in the story. Villains are the bad guys. Supporting Characters are characters that appear regularly in stories with the Feature Characters but aren't members of the X-Men at the time of the issue (like Archangel [who's a reserve member in Claremont's issues] and Cecelia Reyes).

Guest Appearances list characters from other comics that appear but not in a major role. Other Characters gets all the rest; not included are characters without full names who never appear in another story. Cameo Appearances count characters that appear but not as part of the story, like when Phoenix thinks about the missing Cyclops and we see an image of him.

Then comes details of flashbacks and special notes (if any), followed by a brief synopsis.

Paul O'Brien has a similar X-Men index on his X-Axis site, covering Uncanny X-Men #280 to #355. His index contains a lot of interesting detail and behind the scenes knowledge and critical analysis of these issues and are well worth checking out.

I also have to say thanks to the Marvel Continuity Project which was a major reference point for character continuity outside of the core titles.


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