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Episode 4

On Day 6 there were hostages to be found and some games of fun. On Day 7 Fiona had to catch a theif..




Yarra Valley Hostages

The best two map readers were chossen and taken as hostages at a winnery. The others in two groups of three were given a key and radios that relied on line of sight. One group took off in a helicopter, while the others drove. But when radio contact was lost, the drivers had no chance.

Although the helicopter crew managed to get to the winery their key only opened on lock. The others didn't make it in time and $10,000 was lost.






An Afternoon Off

Two of the most competitive contestents were seperated and given the chance to bet on the outcome of some games. The others told their play was just for fun had three sports to choose from. All they knew was that the loser would serve dinner to the winner that night.

Hal and Mal had to pick the winners of the friendly competitons who they watched via cameras. They chose Brooke to beast Emily in a fencing competition and Michael to beat Shane in a rowing competition. With these two correct they were given the chance to bet more on their final selection, Fiona to beat Angela in a croquet contest. They decided not to go through with it and with good reason, Angela beat Fiona.




Chatel Detective

Fiona picked as a detective and trained by a professional. The others in the middle of a party had to steal an item off the mantlepiece within 15 minutes.

She interviewed each and based on the survellience video evidence she reached a conclusion on who was the quility suspects. With the item covered in ultraviolet dust her suspects had to place their hands under a uv light which proved her choices to be wrong. Brooke and Mal didn't steal it, Emily did.

Who is the Mole?

I still think it's Angela. Lied well in the Interrogation and mislead the car team

Who was eliminated?

Angela Linforth. D'oh!

Total Prize Money

$40,000 out of a possible $75,000

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