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Episode 3

After an elimination a challenging Maze. On Day 5 a fugitive on the streets of Melbourne and a game of dress ups.




Arthurs Seat Maze

At night a game of Pac-man was played out in a hedge maze in Arthurs Seat. Relying on a shot filmed with night vision from high above two contestents at a time helped guide another through the maze to pick up a beacon, while at the same time helping him avoid being caught by the hunter also running through the maze.

They had three chances and had to collect 2 of the 4 beacons and get out with them without being caught, but they were unsuccessful.




Melbourne Fugitive

By being the first to pick up a note on the breakfast table, Brooke was selected as the fugitive. Four others were selected as the hunters.

For one hour Brooke had to keep from being caught by her pursurers. Bound in by a limited area, and not being able to enter shops or buildings, she was further disadvantaged by having to carry a mannequin around with her. Fortunetly she had a radio with which she could listen in on the conversations Michael, Hal, Fiona and John were having as they tried to trap her.

Despite a great effort, she was eventually caught and lost a free pass.




Mechannic's Institute Dress Up

Mal and Emily had to pick out a complete outfit of 5 items for themselves and the five running around Melbourne. These clothes were then given to Shane and Angela who had to dress mannequins of the others in their clothes.

They were allowed 10 mistakes, but made 11 and won nothing.

Who is the Mole?

She's on everyone's nerves, but they don't think she is the Mole, but I still think it's Angela.

Who was eliminated?

John Edwards

Total Prize Money

$25,000 out of a possible $55,000

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