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Who is the Mole this time?

The Mole is my favourite of all the 'reality' TV shows. As one of the first to screen on Australian TV, long before Survivor, the first series had me totally hooked as I tried to figure who who the Mole was (and like most of the contestents was completely wrong). In the first Logie winning series 10 contestents were taken around Tasmania competing in a variety of tasks. Successfully completeling the challenges would add more money to the prize pool, but their actions were being compromised by the presence of the Mole. A traitor who was doing anything he or she could to fail the challenges. The contestents and the home viewers had to watch everyone carefully for suspicious behaviour that might indicate who is the Mole. At the end of each episode everybody fills in a computer questionaire and whoever knows the least about the Mole's identity leaves.

In October 2000 a second series was announced with an ad in newspapers around the country. Of the thousands who applied (including little old me) to be on the second series 15 lucky finalists were chosen, along with a new Mole, who would be the traitor in the group. The first episode was a challenge in which the 16 finalists were narrowed down to the 10 contestents one of whom was the Mole.

So who is the Mole this time? I have my ideas which you can find in the episode guides. These guides list the challenges and locations visited by the contestents as they travel around Victoria, plus who I would have said the Mole is in the questionaire, who was then eliminated, and how much money the team has won so far.

The Episodes

The Contestents

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Helen Nation (Eliminated episode 2)
54 year old Opal miner from NSW
John Edwards (Eliminated episode 3)
50 year old Plumber from NSW
Angela Linforth (Eliminated episode 4)
31 year old Beauty therapist from WA
Fiona White-Hartig (Eliminated episode 5)
29 year old Care worker from WA
Shane Jolley (Eliminated episode 6)
23 year old Advertising exec from Victoria
Emily Fitzsimmons (Eliminated episode 7)
19 year old Student from NSW
Mal Granturco (Eliminated episode 8)
38 year old Warehouse supervisor from NSW
Hal Pritchard (Eliminated episode 9)
31 year old Shop owner from NSW
Brooke Marshall (The Winner)
24 year old Bar manager from Victoria
Michael Laffy (The Mole)
33 year old builder from Victoria


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