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Episode 5

On Day 8, Mal got to play dress ups and Shane and Hal got lost. On Day 9 an interesting sculpture was created.




Soverign Hill Disguise

Mal was chosen by the team as the one who would like to dress up. he had to hide in whatever costume he liked whie the others had five minutes to pick him out of the other actors in period costume in a small section of Soverign Hill.

He succeeded brilliantly by pretending to be one of the show's cameramen and won a free pass to next week's episode.




Lost in the Grampians

Two were chosen who could spend the night together. Shane and Hal volunteered and were taken out in to the Grampians National Park and lost. They then needed to get themselves rescued.

Luckily the others went in to search and rescue mode. Hal and Emily in one car got lost. Brooke and Michael in another car found Shane and Hal's car and got closest. Fiona in a helicopter spotted them but ran out of fuel and her helicopter had to land before she could help the cars get to them.

They failed and Shane and Hal spent an uncomfortable night in bush.








Daylesford Artists

Two with creativity and artistic flair, Fiona and Brooke, were given the task of making some modern art. Given a whole heap of paint and junk they created a sculpture, but then had to convince a member of the public that they had indeed created it.

They would win $5000 if a member of the public couldn't pick which was their art work and won. The lady, selected from a near by restaurant toured the Daylesford Powerhouse Gallery but didn't think that Fiona and Brooke were sick enough to have created their art work, what with its dismembered baby doll parts.

They would win another $5000 if their teammates could pick which one they had created, and they did.

Who is the Mole?

Well it's not Angela. Hmm, by process of elimination... Hal, Mal, Shane, Michael, Fiona, Brooke, Emily

Who was eliminated?

Fiona White-Hartig

Total Prize Money

$50,000 out of a possible $105,000

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