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Episode 2

On Day 3: a deadly time bomb and imposters on a bus. On Day 4: diving for a key, and the first elimination.




Fort Nepean Time Bomb

With two selected as the best yarn-spinners, the other eight had to rescue two of their own from a time bomb by finding the clues to defusing a bomb.

The clues were in the forms of three puzzles located in various places around the fort. A fourth puzzled needed all to work together, rather than in pairs.

With the answers the two blokes stuck in a cell with the bomb needed to cut the wires in the correct order. A clue the word PYRO (Pink, Yellow, Red, Orange) was on the bomb but it was not seen.

With the wrong wires cut the bomb exploded and was the Mole to blame?




Dandenong Ranges Bus Trip

The best yarn-spinners, Shane and Fiona had to successfully pose as tour guides on a bus trip with out any of the passengers realising they were imposters.

They also had to tell two blatant lies and have them believed, as well as telling two jokes and getting a laugh. Although Shane had problems, Fiona pulled through, even convincing them of a hoop snake that can roll down hills like a tyre.

The passengers were surveyed and the two of them faked their way through successfully and won the money.




Portsea Peir Dive

10 keys to 10 boxes were weighted down to the bed of Port Phillip Bay. Four of the boxes were blue, the other six were red. By playing the odds the contestents could try to add $5000 to the prize pool or they could end up giving a free pass to another - Shane.

Although several of the red free pass boxes were removed from the game, when it came time to let Shane dive he came up with a key to a blue box and won a free pass to the next episode.

Who is the Mole?

I'm sticking with Angela, although no one on the show is.

Who was eliminated?

Helen Nation

Total Prize Money

$15000 out of a possible $30,000

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