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Episode 8

On Day 14 a flip of coins determined the contestent's fate, and a hotel mystery had them trapped. On Day 15 a challenge to collect flags was succesful, despite the efforts of the Mole.




  Geelong Two Up

A game of two up for the contestents chose there path. Given a piece of paper - which either had two challenges or for one six - the outcome of the two up game would either be the 'better' of two options or the 'worse'.

Hal was faced with a hair dye, or a head shave. Mal was faced with an eyebrow pierce or a tattoo. Michael could have his face painted, or his body painted. And poor Brooke had to do three of these six challenges. All of them had to go through with their challenge or the money would be lost. Seperated they had no idea if one of the others had already declined to go through with it but ultimately they all did.

Hal had his hair dyed bright red, Mal had his eyebrow pierced, Michael was body painted and Brooke had her hair dyed, her eyebrow pierced and her face painted!




  Ozone Hotel Mystery

Seperated into four different rooms at Queenscliff's Ozone Hotel, the group had to work together to get each other out, solve their clues and get to Grant with a name within an hour. Linked by mobile phones each member had a safe in their room, but to open it required the help of another contestent.

Despite a slow start things began to fall in to place when Michael found the bicycle in his room activated a light in Hal's pitch black room allowing Hal to find a clue that read VCR. Mal checked his VCR and found a movie saying Psycho. By turning on her shower Brooke found her safe combination on the steamed up glass. She found a note saying the Birds which led Michael to a book of birds and his clue Rear Window. Looking out his rear window Mal found the combination to his safe on the back of a van. His clue led Hal to his window rope and the key to his room and another key that opened Brooke's room. With Brooke they rescued Mal and Michael, and figured out the name they were after was Alfred Hitchcock (all the rooms were named after movies of his). Unfortunetly they made it to Grant just minutes late and missed out on the $10,000.




  Ottway Ranges Challenge

In the middle of the Ottway Ranges a fairly simple challenge. Collect two flags from the other side of a stream before a water tank ran out of water in four minutes. To get across the stream two people had to use two planks of wood to bridge pylons constructed at various stages. Both Hal and Michael each had to get one flag and bring it back without falling off and in to the stream.

The other two had the task of keeping the water tank full. Replacement water was sitting 100 metres down a trail and Mal took off on a quad-bike to fetch one at a time while Brooke snatched them from him when he returned and filled up the tank. With only seconds of water left the two flags were retrieved and returned to Grant winning the team $10,000.

Who is the Mole?

I'm still sure it's Michael (why did he wait half an hour before trying out that bike?).

Who was eliminated?

Mal Granturco

Total Prize Money

$80,000 out of a possible $180,000

Who is it down to?

Michael, Hal and Brooke. One is the winner, one is the loser, and the other is the Mole. I wish Fiona or Mal had remained because those two I never ever suspected of being the Mole, while these three are all prime suspects...

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