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Episode 9

On Day 16 the three remaining contestents got to fly a plane. On Day 17 they kyacked for 12 kilometres, were questioned about morality and ethics. Then came the final elimination and the answer to the question "Who is the Mole?"




  Barwon Heads Wingover

To win $5000 all three remaining contestents had to succesfully pull off a flight stunt, and with none of them having ever flown a plane before this was quite a challenge. It was made worse by the fact that while the first would be taught by a pilot, he then had to teach the second contestent who had to then instruct the third. The copilot would judge them but not until all had a shot would he give his judgements.

Hal went first, followed by Michael and then a very nervous Brooke. They had 15 minutes of getting used to being in the pilot seat before being given their chance to perform the stunt which is basically the equivelent of a 360 degree turn. Incredibly they were all successful




  St Leonards Kyacking

In a relay race the 3 contestents had 3 hours to travel 12 kilometres from St Leonards to Queenscliff. The trip would take expeirenced kyackers 2 hours so they had an extra hour - but they also faced going against the tide and unbeknownst to them a shark not too far away in Port Phillip Bay.

Taking it in turns, Hal then Brooke the Michael, then Hal again etc, they made a remarkable effort and despite Brooke retiring with a sore shoulder, they made it to the waiting Grant with a few minutes to spare.





  Fort Queenscliff

In Fort Queenscliff, directly opposite Fort Neapean where they were many challenges ago, they had the chance to win $15000 or lose that ammount. Each in turn was given a sheet with three questions about the morality and ethics about the others and based on their answers each was hidden in a location. The other two had to find them by coming up with the same answers.

Hal was hidden first. Brooke and Michael guessed that Hal would say that Brooke would be more likely to return wrong change; he would prefer Michael to babysit his children; and that he thought Michael was younger when he lost his virginity. They found him.

Hal and Brooke guessed that Michael would think Hal more likely to cheat on his partner; that Hal would give more to charity: and that Brooke would more likely to tell a litterer to pick up their rubbish. They didn't find him.

Michael and Hal thought she pick Michael as the most likely to lie in a job interview; that she think Michael would more likely dob in someone to the tax department; and that Michael was more likely to have cosmetic surgery. They didn't find her, leaving the final prize money at $10,000.


  The Final Elimination

Boarding a steam train, each of the final contestents were locked into a private compartment. They were given a final questionaire asking questions about who the Mole is and what he or she had been doing over the entire 17 days. Not only did you need to know the Mole's identity, you had to be paying close attention.

When the train reached its next stop the winner was let out first, and they then let out the Mole, and finally the last to be eliminated.

And we finally learnt for sure who the Mole is.

Who is the Mole?

As I thought (ever since Angela was eliminated) it was Michael Laffy, the 33 year old builder and former AFL player for Richmond, who was the Mole. Next week will reveal how we could have known. Some things that I found suspicious:

Who was eliminated?

Hal Pritchard

Leaving the Winner?

Brooke Marshall

Total Prize Money

$100,000 out of a possible $200,000

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