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Episode 6

In the evening of Day 10 the team faced off with terrorists. On Day 11 they played TicTacToe with sheep and then foiled an extortion attempt.




Terrorist Attack

The team had piantball guns with which to defend a bowl of water within an old homestead. They had to keep if safe until 2 am, but there were terrorists waiting to move.

From the afternoon they could seem them lying in the long grass waiting to attack. When the attack did come in the late of the night, it was over in minutes, the bowl destroyed, Shane 'killed' and $10,000 lost.





In a bit of fun, the team had one hour to beat the owner of a farm retreat at Tic-Tac-Toe, playing with Sheep marked with naughts and crosses. However they were under the watchful eye of the RSPCA and any mistreatment of the animals would lead to instant loss.

The first game was a tie, but in the second they came through and won the $5000.






Ballarat Town Hall Extortion

With Michael and Hal as extornists they would win free passes for themselves and $10000 for the group if they could successfully exchange suitcases with their victims (the rest) without being photographed. The others were trying for the $10000 as well and if they took the photos it would rob Hal and Michael of the free pass.

Using the surviellence cameras in the Ballarat Town Hall it looked like Hal and Michael may have been able to get away with it. But when the others realised that they were using them they quickly tracked the room down and took the incriminating photos.

But their work was almost for nothing as they realised they still hadn't exchanged the briefcases, with seconds to spare the drop went off and the team was $10,000 dollars richer

Who is the Mole?

Michael. He was supposed to cover the back of the house but didn't, and he kind of gave away that he and Hal were using the video cameras.

Who was eliminated?

Shane Jolley (now he can appear in those iPrimus ads)

Total Prize Money

$65,000 out of a possible $130,000

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