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Transformers Generations

The Transformers Generations: Welcome to the World of Transformers is a great book for any Transformer fan. It features nice clear pictures of every Transformer toy up to 1995 with Machine Wars thrown in for good measure. It even includes the Japanese and European exclusives too! It also includes art, including all the cartoon model sheets, and info on the comics (being extensive enough to also cover the UK annuals!)

The only fault is it's in Japanese and I, like many other transfans, am not fluent in Japanese. For American and European releases the English name and function are included (although with some spelling mistakes, for example Highbrow's Nebulan companion is named Goat!) but that's not the case for the Japanese releases.

So with the help of a Japanese language word processor JWP, Rob Jung's Transformers Toy List, That Big Transformers Checklist by M. Sipher, and the Shodouka online translator I've been making up a list of who these Japanese characters are.

Transformers fandom's very own expert translater, Doug Dlin, has provided me with some feedback, corrections and comments. I will integrated these, but for the moment they are listed on my Errata page.

These pages are best viewed in Internet Explorer. Netscape doesn't show the red and purple borders I've used to indicate Cybertrons and Destrons.

Japan 1987 (Pages 31-32) * Text-only
Japan 1988 (Pages 42-46) * Text-only
Japan 1989 (Pages 53-57) * Text-only
Japan 1990 (Pages 65-67) * Text-only
Japan 1991 (Pages 71-72) * Text-only
Japan 1992 (Pages 75-76) * Text-only