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Transformers very own expert translater, Doug Dlin, has provided me with some feedback, corrections and comments. These corrections have not been made yet.

Page 31 The kana for "Trainbot" should start "to-re," not "to-ra."  Spelled
that way, it reads "Trine-bot," which I guess you could pass off as an
exaggerated Paul Hogan attempt at saying it. ;-)  I know just what happened
here--you typed it as it's spelled in English, which isn't going to be
pronounced the same when converted to kana.  I do that myself a lot.

The first kana in "Getsuei" is incorrect; it's a hiragana "ga" when it
should be a katakana "ge".  It's not a matter of the toy being known as
"Gatsuei" or "Getsuei"; it's just "Getsuei," and is definitely spelled that

"Decibel" should be spelled with a "ji," not a "zu."

For the bonus Headmaster figures, I'd spell it "Kirk" rather than "Kaku,"
if only because of the extended vowel in kana.  Also, Lione's kana should
include an "o," not an "a."

Page 42 Whether you spell it "Ginrai" or "Jinrai" in English, the kana
should begin with "ji," not "gi."

Interesting rationale for picking "Rightfoot."  I've still got my
preference, but I can't really call this wrong or right.

"Borest," OTOH, is a persistent bit of misinformation I'm still trying to
get corrected.  It's actually "Bolett"; I thought it was supposed to be
"Bullet," but Fumihiko was firm on it not being so.

Whoops--"Pretenders" (Here and on pg. 45) should start with "pu," not "pa."
"Cybertron" includes a "ba," not a "bo."  (Happens twice on this page.)
Lander's kana should end with a vowel extender bar.  And somehow the
Sparkabots are now spelled "Hardspork," "Hotspork" and "Wildspork"
in kana. :-D

Pg. 44 "Grand Maximus" has somehow come out "Ugund Maximus" in kana.

Pg. 45 The kana for "Blood" should start with "bu," not "bo," and "Dauros"
is misspelled "Dairos" in kana.  Browning's kana should end in "gu," not

"Javil" ("ja'aku" [evil] + "devil") is misspelled "Juvil" in kana.

Pg. 46 Galaxy Shuttle's kana should have a vowel extender bar at the end of
"Galaxy," and the "o" in "Shaoru" should be changed to a "to."  (Compare to
how you have it on Pg. 54.)  Similarly, Star Convoy's kana reads
"Star Envoy." :-)

Pg. 55 Dashtacker's kana should retain the vowel extender bar from "Tacker"
at the end.

Pg. 56 Sorry, but whether you go with "Liokaiser" or "Liocaesar,"
"Leokaiser" just isn't right.  Doesn't match the kana.  Compare the "Leo"
in "Victory Leo" and "Leozak" with the "Lio" in "Liocaesar" to see what I

Jargua's kana should end in "ga-a," not "ka-a."  Very minor visual
difference, but important.  "Gaihawk" should end in "ku," not "ka."

Pg. 57 "Grimlock" should contain a "mu" in kana, not a "ma."  Also, I'd
translate Jazz's Japanese name as "Meister" (German-influenced word).

Pg. 65 "Dendoh" translates more like "motorized" than "electric," I think.

Road Fire's kana needs a vowel extender at the end.

Pg. 66 Speeder's kana definitely end in "da-a" (da + vowel extender), not
"do," so there's no way he could be correctly also known as "Speed."

The Rescue Patrol's aquatic member is called "Boader," believe it or not.
I guess one could make a case for "Boater," just for the sake of some
sensibility, but it definitely ends in "da-a" (like "Speeder"), not "ta" or
"to."  "Pibo" is another persistent bit of misinformation I was guilty of
myself for ages.  It is indeed "Pipo."

There should be a small "tsu" added next to last in the kana for "Jet."
Compare with the kana for "Roadjet."

Change the first kana in the Offroad Patrol Team's title to an "o" instead
of an "a."  As it reads, they're the "Afro'd Patrol Team," and really, I
think only Big Daddy might qualify for that.

Spinchange's kana are missing an "n" third in line.

The "ba" in Treadbolt's kana should be a "bo."  I'm not sure what to say
for Treadbolt otherwise; the correct kana actually read more like
"Tradebolt," but one could arguably call it close enough for government
work.  Similarly, Blaze Master's kana actually read "Breeze Master,"
despite what it was intended to be in English.

Takedown's kana read "Likedown."  Change the "ra" to a "te."

Landshaker was indeed known as Groundshaker outside Japan, but if you list
that one's normal English name, why skip it for the Patrol Team
Micromasters?  Best just to leave it out for consistency of form, I'd say.

Oh, Sky Hyper (right above Metrotitan in the book) is missing.

For some reason, there's an asterisk in the kana for "Destron Race Car
Patrol Team."  Also, while Groundhog's kana are correct, they actually say
"Grandhog."  However, "Grand" has been used now and then in Japanese anime
as a substitute for "ground," so maybe it's a judgment call.

Pg. 67 Change the "re" in Rabbicrater's kana to a "bi."

Pg. 71 "Of" should be "o-bu" in kana, not "a-bu," and "The Battlestars"
should start with "za," not "ga."

Pg. 72 I'd translated two of Sixliner's components as "Diego" (as in San
Diego) and "Al(l)an," but again, it's something of a judgment call.

Hmm...no individual names for the MT team members?  Oh, right, they're not
matched visually in the layout.  They're given in the captions for each
team, but you have to be able to read the position descriptions.  I won't
bother with kana here, since it might not translate on your system (and
certainly not on the newsgroup) but I can at least give you the names, left
to right.  You should be able to pick them out of the text
by comparing kana to those in other names: Big Truck Team Heavy Trade (or
Heavy Tread), Hydraulic, Slowpoke, Big Hauler

Hot Rod Team Lucas, Grease, Vanishing, Legs

Military Team Growl, Bombshock, Dropshot, Tracer

Shuttle Rocket W Team (don't forget the "W" for the MM combiners) Facer,
Brest Master (misspelled in kana like Blast Off is), Moonrock, Missile

Fire Tanker W Team (also needs a vowel extender added fourth from last)
Wheel Breeze (or Blaze; same deal as Blaze Master), Roadburner, Oiler,

Radar Hover W Team (not "Harbor") Power Run, Strikedown, Barrage, Heave

Dump Shovel W Team (should include a "pu," not a "pa") Hammer, Sledge,
Grit, Knockout

Crane Cannon W Team (should start with "ku," not "ka") Stonecruncher,
Excavator, Powerpunch, Direct Hit

Jet Tank W Team (small "tsu" omitted in "jet" again) Fireshot, Vanquish
(reads more like "Vankidge," but that's close enough), Meltdown, Halftrack

The last three teams are repeats from pp. 66-67, so I suppose detailing
individual members isn't necessary.  However, the Rescue Patrol Team's kana
should have the small "ya" changed to a small "yu," and the Super Car
Patrol Team should be spelled with a "pa," not a "po."

Pg. 75
The page so nice, you listed it twice. :-)

I generally translate "Gattai Daisakusen" as "Operation: Combination,"
though "Mission: Combination" also works.

The individual members' names are given in left-to-right order with respect
to their vehicle modes (l. to r., top row first for robot modes) in the
captions between the two modes.

You've got Digger and Gran Arm's names reversed in your list.  Gran Arm's
the red wheel loader, Digger's the steam shovel.

For Sixtrain, I'd name the fourth one listed "San Diego."  (See Sixliner

Pg. 76 "Gundan" can be translated as just "army"...or "corps," I guess.

According to the caption under the Jet Corps, they are, from left to right,
Darkjet, Flarejet, Moonjet and Shadowjet.  However, I seem to recall some
confusion between that caption and the listings at the end
of the book. :-S

The first item under "Other Items" is a Stampbot, which starts with a "su,"
not a "mu."  Also, the guys in the upper right were called My First
Transformers in English.  1-2-3 TFs are the new line with Rescue Roy, et