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The Story so far:

As the Axalon followed his ship through the transwarp portal, Megatron worried that his plans might fail. But having come so far he was not ready to give up. He ordered four of his troops to take the Darkside's shuttlecraft and draw the Maximal's fire. Aboard the Axalon, Optimus Primal was forced to split his team in half, sending half of them out on the Axalon's omniphibious explorer to pursue the Predacon shuttle. The Darkside crippled the Axalon, but the Axalon fought back, and both ships crashed down towards the planet...

The Predacon shuttle was pursued half way around the globe by the Maximals, before the Maximal's ship crippled the Predacon's. The Predacon ship caught the Maximals' in a tractor beam, pulling them down too! Their ships crash-landed on the planet on a large southern continent. As they prepared to explore the new world they discovered the planet had too much raw energon and to protect themselves they reconfigured themselves with beast modes based on local life forms. Thus began, Beast Wars Outback.

Megatron was enraged by the incompetence of the Predacons who had disappeared with their only shuttle. Those aboard the Axalon mourned the loss of their comrades but hoped that one day they might be able to find them. Half the world away, the isolated Maximals and Predacons also wondered what had happened to those aboard the motherships.

Converting their shuttle to travel along the ground, the Predacon's move along the continent that will one day be called Australia collecting energon and heading in the direction of their last communication contact with the Darkside. The Maximals follow along in order to prevent the Predacons getting too much of the energon, as well as wanting to find their own missing comrades. Their explorer no longer flies, but it is still works as a mobile land base. Both groups also have an interest in being the first to the statis pods, ejected from Axalon, that occasionally fall to the earth. There's also the mystery of the structures and devices that seem to indicate some sort of alien interest in the planet.

Maximal Characters
Predacon Characters

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