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Storms of Destruction
When Contintents Collide

Storms of Destruction

Author: Not Stated
Artist: Not Stated

The Heroic Autobots: Optimus Prime, Prowl, Skyfire, Bumblebee, Sunstreaker, Hound, Jazz
The Evil Decepticons: Megatron, Soundwave

Optimus Prime and Prowl inspect sites where Megatron has drained oil. Megatron and Soundwave return to the site of their destroyed satellite base, underneath which lies reserves of oil Megatron plans to collect with his new invention, a tunnel-boring mole machine. When they use it causes an Inca city to be destroyed as well as part of the Andes Mountains. The Autobots attack but Megatron and Soundwave escape. As the Autobots use their sensors to track the mole machine, Megatron digs tunnels under the Brazilian forests. Salt water fills the tunnels, pushing the oil to the surface where the Decepticons begin to collect it. Their actions affect the weather patterns of the world, causing havoc to the world's weather and creating terrible storms. The Autobots move in and attack, destroying the Decepticon's oil transporters. Megatron flees in his boring machine and the Earth's weather returns to normal.

Say it again: Megatron's plan: "The oil I shall squeeze from under this jungle will fuel my forces and lift us from the shackles of this puny planet to total domination of the universe!" [Insert best evil laugh here]

Soundwave after hearing Megatron's plan "All-powerful one... oh, master... your visions of the destruction of those Autobot junk heaps brings tears to my eyes" [You should hear this one on the tape!]

Megatron describing Soundwave: "You tape-filled idiot!"

Optimus Prime sounding more like his foe "Make your move, Megatron. Show yourself, so I can crush you once and for all!" and "I want to be certain we have the exact location coordinates of this nemesis of all creation, so we can smash him finally and forever."

Where in the World: Prime and Prowl go to Sumatra. Megatron visits the Mato Grosso in Brazil, and the continental shelf of South America near Peru. The Decepticon's drilling destroys the Inca city of Machu Picchu is destroyed (as is part of the Andes Mountains). I don't know if this is a real city.

Continuity: Megatron reminds Soundwave that this Brazilian jungle is the site of their satellite launch base from "TITLE ".
It's interesting to see that the Autobot jet is named Skyfire (as with the cartoon) rather than Jetfire (like the toys). Perhaps this is set within the cartoon universe, although the cartoon never shows such an emotional Soundwave or bloodthirsty Optimus.

Comments: A really bad story. The fact that Transformers do transform is missing from the story. It's also very odd that Optimus Prime waits till Megatron has flooded the jungle and created worldwide storms before he orders an attack. These storms of destruction actually don't seem to do much damage anyway. Why wasn't the story called the big bad boring machine? There's an Autobot attack that occurs in the art but not in the story! It also seems that Megatron caused the El Nino effect. The art is based on the box art and contains some strange sights, such as Hound flying in vehicle mode and a lone Indian fleeing a wave of oil. The most amusing thing is the cover that shows Optimus Prime with his hand outstretched as if telling a hurricane to stop.

When Continents Collide

Author: Not Stated
Artist: Not Stated

The Heroic Autobots: Optimus Prime, Prowl, Hound, Skyfire, Ratchet
The Evil Decepticons: Megatron, Soundwave

Megatron and Soundwave, aboard their hovercraft oil transporter, arrive in Alaska to meet with a human who had agreed to help them siphon fuel from the Alaskan pipeline. They give the human what he wished, a new jeep, unaware the jeep is actually Hound in Disguise! When the Decepticons' drain of oil is noticed the oil company appeals to the Autobots for help. Tracking Hound's signal, Skyfire is sent to attack the Decepticons. The Decepticons barely escape and head to a hidden ice base where they have hidden a multi-tracked deep-sea oil transporter they stole from humans and enhanced with Decepticon technology. Using it they begin to drain oil from the sea floor, but the draining of oil causes massive earthquakes and volcanic activity. The West and Russia place blame on the other and the world is on the brink of nuclear war. The Autobots use Razon gas to force the stolen oil back to its proper place and to raise the Decepticon's vessel to the surface.

Say it again: Megatron after Soundwave reminds him of his own plan: "You know, sometimes my cunning amazes even me."

Megatron cursing the Autobots "May rust attack every joint in their miserable metal bodies!"

Optimus Prime explains why they should use Razon Gas: "In it's liquid state, razon possesses a greater density than crude oil. Therefore, if we pump it into the empty reservoir, it will force the oil now in the Decepticon transporter back into the reservoir and restore the Earth's geography to its former state." [Uh, yeah sure]

Where in the World: The Alaskan pipeline, Pruehode Bay, Northern Siberia, Russia, Washington DC, and Valdez, Alaska

Not evil enough: When the nuclear war is threatened (heavy stuff) the only worry is that the fuel supply with be irradiated. The fact that millions of humans would be killed is seemingly irrelevant!

Continuity: Skyfire appears in this story in the text and the pictures show him as he appears in the cartoon.

Comments: One of the better of the series, and much better than Storms of Destruction, although it has a similar plot.

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