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Transformers Book Guide

There have been many books telling the tales of the Transformers. Here is a guide to the Story-books, read-along tapes, colouring books that tell more of the broad mythos of the Transformers outside of the cartoon and comics! I have other Transformer books but those which don't feature an actual story are not being covered by this guide (at this stage at least). I also don't count the collected comics or UK Annuals because these really belong to a guide to the Transformer comics.

The format of the guide is based on The Virgin Book guides (to shows like Buffy, Ally McBeal, Red Dwarf and Voyager - all faves of mine) and I've since found that follow Ozformer Ratbat has done the same thing more then a year ago for her Virgin's Guide to the UK Transformer comics.

I'm only going to be able to write about the books I have. So info on the titles in black at the moment are coming, but any information of any other titles would be appreciated! Also some entries are rather short at the moment but I will add to them when I have time.

A key to the format is located at the bottom of this page.

Colouring Books
Search for Treasure Under the Sea
Bumblebee to the Rescue!
Decepticon Patrol
The Deadly Fuel Shortage
Forest Rescue Mission
A Message From Outer Space
The Autobot Smasher!
Bumblebee's Dangerous Mission
Battle at Oil Valley
The Lost Treasure of Cybertron
The Invasion of the Decepticon Camp
Hot Rod to the Rescue

Sticker Adventures
Return to Cybertron
Revenge of the Decepticons!
Battle on the Junk Planet
(Plus the Galvatron/Bonecrusher one)

Adventure Game Books
Dinobot War
Peril from the Stars
Island of Fear
Highway Clash

Marvel Books Hardcovers
Battle for Earth
The Autobot's Secret Weapon

Big Looker Storybooks
Battle for Cybertron
The Great Car Rally
The Story of Wheelie, the Wild Boy of Quintesson
Car Show Blow Up
Insecticon Attack!
Decepticon Hijack

Ladybird Books
Autobot's Lightning Strike
Megatron's Fight for Power
Autobots Fight Back
Laserbeak's Fury
Galvatron's Air Attack
Decepticon's Hideout
Decepticons at the Pole
Autobots Strike Oil
Transformers the Movie

Kid's Stuff Records and Tapes
Sattelite of Doom
Storms of Destruction
When Continents Collide


The entries follow this pattern.

Following the title of the book:
Author: Who wrote the story
Artist: Who drew the pictures
The Heroic Autobots: the Autobots who appear in the story, whether in the text or just in the art.
The Evil Decepticons: as above but with the Decepticons
Then follows a brief summary of the plot
Say it again: Includes the dialogue that stands out for good or bad reasons.
Where in the World: Any references to towns or countries that locate the story somewhere in our world.
Puzzling: Gives a description of the puzzles that made the Colour and Activity books what they were.
Not evil enough: The evil plans of the Decepticons that have been toned down to make the books more kid-friendly.
Continuity: Focuses on elements in the books that seem to suggest whether they are part of one of the more common canon (comics/cartoon) or aren't. Also mentions any continuity between different books (although this is very rare).
Comments: Any other comments/opinions relating to the book and the story.

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