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Update March/April 2001:
These pages have been massively updated for the first time in a while. The series guide now features a lot of cross referencing, but is far from complete, particularly in the first few series. The character pages also still need a little bit of work. Still there is still quite a bit of new information here. I've also used stylesheets on these pages but they work better in Internet Explorer

"So you're saying I go into NBC and tell them I got this idea for a show about nothing."
- Jerry

"Thats right. Everybody's doing something, we'll do nothing!"
- George


Jerry and ElaineGeorge and Jerry did it on the show, but in real life it was Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David who started a show about nothing called The Seinfeld Chronicles. A show about nothing, about people talking, of exposing the worst traits of man. A show where a comedian must put up with an ex-girlfriend and her weirdest boyfriends, a loser best-friend, and a next door neighbour who is in a world of his own. No cute kids, no hugs, no happy endings. It lasted nine years leaving us with most roughly 160 half hours of hilarity! The show that completely changed the whole sitcom genre for the ninties.

On this site I provide profiles of the four main characters and an episode guide which focuses on the links between episodes. For a show about nothing there's a lot of mention of previous events and characters. While this is no where near complete list to all the continuity of the episodes I hope its entertaining and useful in some sort of way to people!

This guide would NOT have been possible if it wasn't for the help of the Episode Guide prepared by the good fellows at, my one stop for any episode guide to television shows. Their Seinfeld guide is great for cast details and for very detailed summaries of episodes particularly towards the later series. Being able to check this guide regularly is what made this guide possible. So why don't you have a look at their site as well.

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