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My Favourite Dramas

Ally McBeal
Calista Flockhart's Ally McBeal is one of my favourite female TV characters. She's so loveably quirky and despite her insecurities she has a lot of strength. The show works because it doesn't take itself seriously. Plus creator David E Kelly writes all the scripts so the characters remain consistent. No one else could write a John Cage or Ling Wu so well, or even Elaine Vassal who has been revealed as a very touching character. Of course the visual jokes and musical cues also make the show so much fun to watch.
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Dawson's Creek
A high school drama with a bunch of teenagers that have never existed. No teenager has ever been as smart and articulate as Dawson and his friends that live in a small seaside town called Capeside. But what the heck for us Uni students the show reminds us what high school would have been like if we went there now. The criss-cross of relationship dramas involve want to be filmmaker Dawson, his best friend the girl across the creek Joey, his other best friend slacker Pacey, his neighbour no so bad girl Jen and their friends neurotic Andie and her gay brother Jack.

I don't like medical shows much, but ER has me hooked. The cast are all fantastic, the stories are great and the pace is just so fast and enjoyable. The tension of the emergancy room is so well put across. There's a touch of saddness there too. The attack on Lucy Knight, and it's repercussions was one of the most horrible and sadest things I've seen on TV. My favourite character has always been Noah Wyle's John Carter, but some others as Lucy and Elizabeth Corday are also faves.
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The Practice
The dark side to Ally McBeal. A really great legal drama. The courtroom cases sometimes have a touch of the bizarre to them like in Ally, and other times are all to real. The cast are all fantastic and give great performances. It gets me totally involved in the cases, and I've been known to yell at the TV when verdicts have been passed.

This Life
A British series that is best described as what the sitcom Friends would be like in real life. Five 20-something lawyers share a house in London. Parties, drugs, sex, pressures of work, cheating, betrayal it was all there. The show was funny, moving and involving. Anna was one the best characters, Warren was also someone you felt sorry for, Egg was someone like me, and Rachel was the bitch you just had to hate.

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