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Episode 10

In April, several months after the adventured ended for Brooke, Michael and Hal, all of the original ten contestents are reunited in Sydney to watch episode 9, and finally learn the answer to the question, who is the Mole?

When they left, the eliminated thought the Mole was...

Helen thought it was Mal

John thought it was Fiona

Angela thought it was Michael but changed her mind

Fiona thought it was Hal

Shane thought it was Brooke

Emily thought it was Brooke

Mal thought it was Michael but didn't get enough questions right

Hal thought it was Michael but didn't get enough questions right

Who they now thought the Mole was...

Helen thought it was Brooke

John thought it was Michael

Angela thought it was Michael

Fiona still thought it was Hal

Shane thought it was Michael

Emily thought it was Michael

Mal now thought it was Brooke

The Secret pact

While at the Chatel where they had to get away with stealing in episode 4, Shane, Emily and Hal made a pact to share money between them should one win. The winner would get all the money except $40,000 which would be split among the other two, unless one of them was the Mole in which case the other would get both shares. Shane and Emily were nervous about the last episode, hoping they may have won $20,000, but as they saw the final episode there was some disappointment to see Hal had lost. After learning of the pact, Angela was annoyed that she hadn't been included.

Other Revelations

How you could have known

Grant told us there were 20 clues that Michael was the Mole that we viewers could have picked up on.
They were:

  1. We saw Michael's bio page being photocopied and could see his age. When Angela was going over the info in the first challenge she said the wrong age and he said that it was right.
  2. As he was last on the flying fox during the obstacle course he was able to slow them down by 'having trouble' getting his harness off.
  3. During the next stage he gave the instruction to "go around" an obstacle.
  4. He saw the clue PYRO near the bomb but didn't offer it up to John.
  5. In the Maze he ran slowly, bumping into things on purpose. His excuse is a faulty torch, but the footage shows that it was working.
  6. Also in the Maze he picked up the beacon despite the hunter being right behind him, thus taking that beacon out of play.
  7. While appearing to be a hero by spotting the upside down map when locked in with Mal, he doesn't correct Mal's mistake of calling Healsville Hill's View.
  8. While searching for Hal and Shane with Brooke, he hears them calling from his left, but points to the right and heads in that direction.
  9. Whenever he and Brooke stopped to call out to Hal and Shane, Michael made sure they were at waterfalls, the noise of which covered up the two guys calling back.
  10. While beseiged in the house, Michael barricades a window poorly, when as a builder he knew how to do it much better.
  11. Also during the seige he took the nightsight, but never used it
  12. He was also patrolling the back of the house during the seige, the same direction the attack came from and did nothing.
  13. During the driving test he easily convinced Emily to reverse back without looking behind, thus breaking a road rule.
  14. In the 'Hitchcock Hotel' challenge he waited 35 minutes before trying out the exercise bike.
  15. Also in the hotel he kept getting off the bike, thus leaving Hal in the pitch black of his room.
  16. After Fiona and Shane won the bus challenge, all the others clap, except Michael.
  17. When Brooke shot him in the back in ghost town, thus winning herself a free pass and the team no money, Michael smiles and thanks her.
  18. In the fugitive challenge, Michael sprinted off after Brooke, hoping to leave Hal behind so he could 'accidently' lose her, but Hal foiled him by keeping up.
  19. In the kyack challenge Michael paddled hard, until he was away from the others on the boat.
  20. Finally, when he spoke of eliminations it was always about how someone else was going to be leaving.

Also he managed to look nervous at each elimination

Final Winner

At a dinner with all ten contestents, Grant presented Brooke with her winners check for $100,000. She plans to travel.


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