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Acropolis Now - Episode Guide

This is really a mini-episode guide as it is only complete for the final series. I will try to add more information as I get it.

Acropolis Now was a half hour sitcom produced by Crawfords Australia. It grew out of the stage show Wogs out of Work by Nick Giannopoplous, Simon Palormares and George Kapinaris who all stared in this series. The show was set in the Acropolis Now cafe. The owner had returned to Greece, so his son Jim reinvented the traditonal greek restaurant in to a funky new cafe. His best friend Rick helps him run it, with waiters Memo and Liz. Other characters introduced over the years included Jim's cousin Effie, Alfredo, Lars, Despina and Suzanna.

Final Series - 1992

Dream Baby
Aired: 12 August 1992
Jim has a bad dream he is married to Suzanna. Memo is horrifed by the return of an old girlfriend. Effie sets up her hair salon.

Aired: 19 August 1992
Jim panics when Suzanna's parents want to meet their future son-in-law. Effie invents a potent new shampoo.

Hair Razors
Aired: 26 August 1992
A Swedish expert, Lars Larson, falls in love with Effie and Despina sends Memo provocative cards.

The Other Man
Aired: 2 September 1992
Memo has had enough of Despina's flirting with sports stars and decides to show her who's boss.

The Lars Supper
Aired: 9 September 1992
Wrestlemania 17 fever grips Jim and Memo and nothing is going to stop them watching the show on TV.

Mum's the Word
Aired: 16 September 1992
Jim denies Suzanna's existence when his mother unexpectedly returns.

Coward's End
Aired: 23 September 1992
There's a new girl in Jim's life, maybe even a wife! Meanwhile Suzanna leaves for a job in Cairo and Memo almosts forgets Despina's birthday.

The Battle of the Sexists
Aired: 30 September 1992
Memo refuses to accompany Despina to Greece and she decline his marriage proposal.

Torn Between Two Lovers
Aired: 7 October 1992
Both Suzanna and Julia accept Jim's marriage proposal and he panics. Despina argees to accompany Memo to the Greek waiters picnic.

Aired: 14 October 1992
Memo panics when a fortune teller reveals a looming tradegy in Despina's life and Jim can't find a best man for his wedding.

Confessions of a Hair Gel Goddess
Aired: 21 October 1992
Effie confesses her love for Lars. Julia and Suzanna nearly meet.

Here Come the Brides (Part 1)
Aired: 28 October 1992
Jim reveals he doesn't love Suzanna or Julia. Memo throws a disatrous buck's party.

Here Come the Brides (Part 2)
Aired: 4 November 1992
Jim failes to show up at the weddings. Despina announces her love for Memo.

Other Episodes

Cappuccino Catastrophee
Repeated: 11 November 1992
Rick returns from holidays to find the Acropolis Cafe a disaster area.

A Fistful of Cabana
Aired: 21 February 1991
Jim's father loses the cafe in a card game in Greece and the new owner, an Italian godfather, puts his nephew in Charge.

Acropolis Law
Aired: 28 February 1991
Effie and Sophie experiment with a new hair product. When things go wrong Effie takes legal action.

Snow Job (Part 1)
Aired: 16 May 1991
Jim is excited because he's off to the snow with Memo and Alfredo.

Snow Job (Part 2)
Aired: 23 May 1991
At the snow, accommodation leaves a little to be desired.

Job's for the Girls
Repeated: 9 January 1992
Effie and Sophie are looking for jobs.

Throw Memo from the Plane
Memo's mother sends a Greek uncle to encourage Memo to marry. In desperation, he chooses Effie.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Greeks
Memo, desperate to marry his sister off, organises a blind date. [Russell Crowe guest stars]

Ring of Confidence
Liz is unsure whether Jim's gift of a ring is a marriage proposal or not.

Four Eyes
Jim has to wear glasses or give up driving his Monaro.

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