Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Sarah continues to play the role of Buffy Summers on the successful Television Vampire Show. Buffy is a high school student that has the extra burden of being the chosen slayer of vampires. Being the slayer means she has extraoridnary strength and reflexes, but she still has trouble getting dates. The shows huge success lies on the mix of humour (being in part a paradoy of shows such as Beverly Hills 90210) and horror. The show gave its American network WB, its best ratings ever.

Buffy, the slayer

The show has been the subject of many letters to editors in TV magazines and guides. Many parents are concerened over the horror in the show, and it's early timeslot. When the show was moved to a late night time slot, and then taken off for other programs, the fans complained bitterly. However Sarah is proud of her role as a role model for young girls. "There are girls looking up to me and saying 'I'm going to be strong like Buffy'. I wish I had been able to watch a show like 'Buffy' where girls were not just capable and strong, but independent and individual, too."

Buffy on the hunt
Buffy on the hunt for vampires

Due to it's success, the TV show has been adapated in to a comic book series by Dark Horse Comics. Also called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" it features the characters in brand new stories, drawn to resemble the actors they play.

Buffy the Comic
The comic book artist's interpretation of Sarah as Buffy