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    Paul's Web Space

    Hello and Welcome

    Welcome to my web page, me being Paul Frawley, a 21 year old Aussie guy, interested in a whole lot of stuff, as you can tell by this website.

    Basic run down of this page, to the left links to the various sites I've created, to the right links to site I haven't created but think are pretty cool. Each page has a footer that should help you from getting lost.

    A redesign is underway to get rid of the annoying popup ad (and replace it with the also annoying banner ad at the top of each page). Every page on this site will be affected eventually, this page is a test subject.

    If you're looking at this site at less than 800 * 640 resolution it's gonna look kind of weird, but it's better than the way a 640 * 480 looked on higher resolutions.

    My 'mastery' of HTML has been honed at Monash University where I have almost finished studying for my Bachelor of Communication; and Chisholm TAFE where I have completed my Diploma of Information Technology.

    More Than Meets The Eye, Robots in Disguise. 16 years on and still going strong, Continue...
    Sarah Michelle
    Sarah Slays Em
    Sarah Michelle Gellar is a very talented actress whose career I've chronicled some of, continue...
    Beast Wars Outback
    Beast Wars Down Under!
    Seinfeld, the best sitcom ever about nothing, Continue...
    Maybe you want to know some more about me. Well, continue...
    Puffing Billy
    Puffing Billy
    The classic steam train I've loved since I was little, continue...

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