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Rejected Bookmarks

These bookmarks used to be in my main file but for various reasons (I dont visit them often, have never gone back, dead links, I dont remember what was there) they've been moved to a "Reject list". I've kept them in case I ever want to go back to them. Not that that's very likely, but just in case.
Also have a look at my Main Bookmark file and More Rejected Bookmarks.


D-Gen (Geocities) Nanny Official Macross Guide


Gen13 Image Markshen's page The Conspiracy Arc-Hive EDS Home Page Bert is Evil! Non-Sequitur - Lists Virtual Kitty! Amanda's MP Anime and Manga graphics Count Duckula Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation Pinky And The Brain F*R*I*E*N*D*S FTP The Late Show Days Of Our Lives Days of our Lives Official Xena


Generation X Art Unofficial Handbook To The X-Universe X-Books Index X-Men Graphics Doom Themed Patches Calvary Prophecy Animators of M&M ads Newsgroup Directory Sailormoon Zodiac Batman The Animated Series Simpsons Source Book Xena Reading Stuff The Headmasters TF Card game Transformers on Yahoo


Comic Book Continuum The Maxx FAQ TMNT Bryan Cool's Web of Spider-Man Guide to Spider-Man Eric's Spider-Man Homepage The Green Goblin's Lair Calvin and Hobbes Madureira Art X-Writers Web Site Easter eggs Font Kingdom Giedi Prime Fonts Mr. Gone Font Paint Shop Pro Tie Fighter Missions 60 Greatest Conspiracies Bible Prophecy "M&M's" Studios Scienceworks Comedy Festival good news week Entertainment Tonight Heir to the Empire Star Wars Star Wars vs Star Trek Simpsons Intellipage Transformer Doom Offical Beast Wars Protoform Project The BW Comic Book Episode Guide Max's Transformers 2001 Transformers Game Cards Alliance (Geocities) TFFW The Alliance A Japanese Transformers Page BotCon Japan Liocaesar's Japanese Transformers Macross Guide Macross Mecha Designs Micro Solutions


G.I. Joe Comics The Fantastic Four Web Ring Microsoft Software Cranbourne Secondary College Nintendo: Code Bank Indigo's Tie Fighter Page TF: Indigo TF: Mark Samios Cartoon World's ACTION Toons! The Sons and Daughters Website South Park Sweeet 3d images Bitter Suite Tarot Images-The Bitter Suite Ronny's XENA Page - Episode Pictures TF FTP Directory Hasbro TFs TF UG Main Page BATTLECARDS Headmasters Transformers Pre-Transformers Ebay - Transformers


Models, Inc. RP Site CBUB Fights: Buffy vs. Dracula


Yahoo! JAPAN: X-Men



Also have a look at my Main Bookmark file and More Rejected Bookmarks.


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