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Noah WyleNoah Wyle

Born in Hollywood California in 1971, Noah Strausser Speer Wyle was one of six children. He developed an interest in acting in high-school and attended various theatre arts programs. Noah's hobbies include basketball, photography and travelling. He also collects bric-a-brac of Noah's Ark.

His main claim to fame is his starring role in the hit medical drama "ER". Since 1994, he has played John Carter, who in the first episode came to work at the ER as a medical intern. Since then we have watched him grow in confidence and competency, have many a failed romance, and save many lives. Noah has been nominated for an Emmy on several occasions for this role.

One of his first major roles was as a Marine Jeep driver who testifies in the Tom Cruise/Jack Nicholson film "A Few Good Men" in 1992. He appeared in the live to air movie "Fail Safe" with ER co-star George Clooney. He played Steve Jobs in the telemovie "Pirates of Silicon Valley", about the founding of Microsoft. In 1997 he stared in, and produced the feature film "Myth of Fingerprints".

On TV he has also appeared on Friends, the Larry Sanders Show, and Sesame Street. Other movies Noah has appeared in include "Can't Stop Dancing" (99), "Guinevere" (94) playing Lancelot, "Swing Kids" (93), "There Goes My Baby" (93), "Crooked Hearts" (91) and the telemovie "Blind Faith" (90).

In 2000, Noah married his long time girlfriend, make up artist Tracy Warbin. Noah Wyle

Upcoming filmsinclude the drama "Donnie Darko" with Drew Barrymore and "Scenes of the Crime" in 2001 and "White Oleander" and a thriller called "Enough" starring Jennifer Lopez in 2002. He has also just contracted for another few years in ER which could possibly be the rest of the life of the series. He jokes that Carter came in at the beginning as a rookie student but will be running the ER by the end.

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