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Robotman and Monty

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My favourite comic strip details daily the adventures of Robotman and his friend Monty. Jim Meddick sends up conventions of comic strips and science fiction in this comic strip that has been running since 1985. His characters regularly talk to the reader, acknolwedging that they are in a comic strip. Jim draws on references to all sorts of media, TV, films and politics, with many guest "appearances" from celebrities and send ups of pretty much anything. The strip is published in many newspapers worldwide. I read it in Melbourne's Herald-Sun. Several book collections have been published, the latest entitled "Primary Crullers".

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Until recently the main character of the strip was Robotman, a small yellow and red robot with mixed origins. Following his abduction by aliens, Robotman has left the earth and found love with a female Android. So now his best friend Monty has the strip all to himself. Monty is a nerdy inventor and cartoonist, but who also regularly takes on other jobs. Currently he works at a Home Depot.

Regular supporting characters at the moment include:

Other regular characters that have appeared include:

A incomplete list of guest stars:

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Robotman's Origin

Where does Robotman come from? Ah good question. Basically it doesn't matter, but it was a bit confused. Is Robotman an alien or man-made? Monty was an alien at one stage too. What happened to the Milde family? Why do people think Monty built Robotman? The only people that could solve this mystery were Special agents Mulder and Scully from the X-Files. and they did July 1st 1996 to July 13th 1996

Mulder discovered a box in a government warehouse labeled The Robotman Project. Inside was a video starring Mr Monthue from "the Secret Centre for Scientific Weapons That Easily Get Out of Control" On it he explained he was building an army of robot warriors. He had developed a highly sophisticated brain, but once installed the robot became peace-loving. He tried to implant the personality of an IRS employee into one of the prototypes thus creating the insanely evil Bruce.

Once it was clear that he couldn't develop an robot soldier the government began a cover-up. Robotman was reprogrammed with fake memories of an extraterrestrial origin and released, subsequently being adopted by the Milde family.

To erase Dr Montahue's memory they subjected him to 72 hours of "Hee Haw" reruns, leaving him a brain damaged moron. Robotman was haunted by represeed memories and eventually left the Mildes in search of his true origins. Eventually he met Monty again and on some unconscious level there was recognition.

Scully thought this origin contained "the bizzare plot twists of a deranged cartoonist with continuity problems...". Then a pencil started rubbing the panel out.

So, as far as it really matters, this is Robotman's origin. Although it does overlook the question of why Monty thought he was an alien originally - (he used to speak to his mother who had taken on the form of a lava lamp because she considered the human form replusive [except Mel Gibson]). Oh well. We've met his parents and seen his childhood on many occasions so I think the answer is just to forget this stuff.

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What happened to Robotman

Robotman's departure was the end of an epic storyline, well as epic as a comic strip ever gets.

October 10th to October 16th 1999

Robotman, Monty and Fleshy were abducted by aliens. Monty was submitted to humiliating tests before being told that the aliens were breeding an alien-feline hybrid, a furless cat! They were returned by the aliens, Fleshy with an alien implant in his ear!

November 22nd to December 4th 1999

Noticing that Fleshy seemed to be a bit odd, they take him to the vet and discover that despite Fleshy being a male cat, he is pregnant, with an Alien-Feline Hybrid Fetus! The baby, Fleshy Jr, is born soon after, but Aliens come and abduct it.

January 31st to February 5th 2000

Depressed over losing his child, Fleshy become addicted to catnip but is weened off it.

February 14th to 19th 2000

Fleshy recieves a telepathic message from Fleshy Jr.

May 29th to July 8th 2000

With help from Fleshy's animal psychologist Monty determines Fleshy is depressed over the loss of his child. Fleshy builds a replica of a landfill in New Jersey, the place where contact with the aliens will be made. They travel there and a spaceship lands. Mr Pi appears on behalf of the Aliens and offers a trade, Fleshy Jr for Robotman. The Aliens knock Monty out and take Robotman, they also leave behind Mr Pi who Monty reluctantly takes in. Monty deals with losing Robotman.

July 10th to July 15th 2000

Robotman is placed in an alien zoo.

August 6th to August 12th 2000

Robotman attempts to break out of the zoo and is brought before an alien tribunal who are to decide wether he will spend eternity in slave mines, or allowed to fight for his freedom.

November 29th to December 4th 2000

Mr Pi sets up a communicator that allows him and Monty to see but not talk to Robotman.

January 15th to February 3rd 2001

The tribunal decides that Robotman will be sentenced to slave mines, but a recount is called. There have been problems with the chads. Al Gore appears on Robotman's behalf but the courts still decides to end the recount. Al Gore lets out his emotions and beats the aliens into submission. Robotman will compete for his freedom in the Arena of Triskelion.

February 19th to February 24th 2001

While in training Robotman meets Roba, a female android and falls in love.

March 3rd to March 24th 2001

While Monty and Mr Pi watch from earth, Robotman defeats his opponents in the gladitorial arena using all the Captain Kirk fighting moves Monty taught him. In order to get Roba's freedom he demands to see the Rulers of Triskelion. They will release her if Robotman can defeat the undefeated champion, Captain James T. Kirk. Robotman defeats him by pulling off his "TJ Hooker" hair peace and wins freedom for both of them. However Roba is powered by radiation unique to the far off solar system and can't come to earth with Robotman. Robotman tearily decides to stay with Roba.

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